Limited 1st Edition Deluxe Hardback Book 

“A beautiful hardback coffee-table book, well presented over 400-plus pages, with great photos. The stories behind the beats are fascinating and insightful…it’s absolutely vital stuff.” ***** Rhythm Magazine

“A phenomenal reference/entertainment book – everything you want to know about Ringo as a drummer in the Beatles.” Robert Rodriguez and Richard Buskin (Something About The Beatles Podcast)

Amongst the mountain of books about the Beatles, none focus on the work of the man who put the beat into the Beatles – until now. With the release of Ringo Starr And The Beatles Beat, Liverpool drummers Alex Cain and Terry McCusker explore Ringo Starr’s iconic drumming with the Beatles, providing intuitive descriptions and detailed notation of the drumming and percussion in every original Beatles release. Discover how Ringo’s sympathetic and instinctive drumming interacted with the personalities of his bandmates and recording engineers to shape the Beatles incredible musical output.

A Beatle fanatic’s dream, there’s something for the drummer and non-drummer alike, with comprehensive song by song analysis, from the tentative, nervous recording of Love Me Do at Abbey Road in 1962, to the final recording of I Me Mine by George, Paul and Ringo at Apple Studios in 1970.

Terry’s recollections of witnessing the four lads in the famous Cavern Club provide a focus on how the ‘beat’ of Merseybeat altered the musical and cultural landscape forever, while Alex’s experiences as a sound engineer shed light upon the studio experimentation that enhanced the Beatles sound. The shortcomings of Pete Best, and the reasons he was forced to relinquish the Beatle drum stool and Ringo’s ascendancy are also discussed from a drummer’s perspective.

Foreword by Don Powell of Slade

Hard-cover book, featuring 415 pages, 200 images of drum notation and data, plus more than 150 further images of Ringo, his drums, and the principal characters that helped shape the Beatles Beat.

“A beautifully made book, heavy, striking and attractive to look at, and with excellent reproduction of the text and photographs. All in all, for a different, and I believe quite rare perspective on the greatest single collection of 20th century songs, this is a wonderful book, and I recommend it to you unreservedly.” Amazon UKreview. 

“Ringo Starr And The Beatles Beat brings a whole new appreciation for Ringo’s role in the group. A fantastic and thoroughly enjoyable read. Every Beatles fan should have this book!” David Bedford, Author of “Liddypool” and “The Fab One Hundred And Four”.

“Clearly a labor of love…… a smartly compiled Ringo one-stop with an emphasis on the drummer’s influential artistry.” Modern Drummer magazine.

At last – a book about Ringo and drumming. All in all, a book all drummers should own, and one many Beatle fans, particularly those that love Ringo and have an interest in playing, will thoroughly enjoy.The British Beatles Fan Club.

“This fabulous book illustrates in detail Ringo’s approach to dynamics and serving the songs so brilliantly imagined by Lennon and McCartney.” Rhythm magazine.